Weird Cargo

There are all sorts of travelers who have with them items I’ve never considered. Some people travel wth their dogs, their cats, the ashes from their recently deceased mother, the corpse of their distant father, etc. In many cases, there are explicit airline guidelines for traveling with such objects.  

During my former career as a funeral home financier, I learned lots of details relating to our bodies post-mortem and I cannot believe how much of a life our bodies have after we exit them. I worked in funeral home financing so I was pretty far away from the actual funeral proceedings, bodies, trauma, and depression. But I still got my fair share of new information just by being peripherally involved in the  buying and selling of funeral homes.  

Rather than learning about embalming and showings and plugging (shudder), I was more involved with funeral directors as they decided if they were ready to take a step towards ownership. Owning ones own funeral home is a big achievement with lots of big responsibilities and I was there to help these guys (mostly guys) out in the logistics.  

didn’t really learn anything about the transport of bodies via air travel but ever since working in that field, I’ve been a bit more aware of just how much the deceased move throughout the world with the living – albeit for shorter times in most cases  

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