Travel Tip Feedback

I’ve been surprised to see the comments sections of these blogs turn into a swap meet for travel tips and secrets. I’m into it. I’ve used lots of your suggestions; some were great, some were dumb, some were just weird.  

One of you suggested traveling with a blow-up neck pillow for more comfortable sleeping on the plane. In theory, great idea. In practice, I can’t stand the looks and stares from my seatmates while I casually blow up my neck pillow and then, a few hours later, deflate it. Shudder. 

But then one of you suggested this interesting little hoodie with a neck pillow built in. It’s just the hood part of the hoodie, attached to a memory foam neck pillow. This thing is amazing because I can be comfortable AND hidden behind the hood. The two things I always want to be on a plane are asleep and invisible!  

And finally one of you shared a hummus recipe (chick peas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic) and suggested putting it in a ziploc bag and then cutting off a corner when you board the plane so that you can eat hummus out of the bag. Like icing a cake but…. icing your mouth, with hummus, while in public, on an airplane, surrounded by strangers. 


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