Using Travel Time Wisely

Some of you are up in my comments asking for recommendations as to how to pass the time flying. I’m sure we all have our own go-to time-sucks for airplane time. I travel for work and so I’m up in the air a ton, like ten hours in the average week. I used to spend this time working but that felt tedious. Then I switched to spending that time consuming media, but that felt like brain-poison. I’ve recently decided to switch up my routine and spend that time learning or practicing something.  

 Sometimes I’ll spend an entire flight doing DuoLingo Language Learning Coursework – especially if colleagues in my destination is non-English speaking. And recently, I enrolled in some online math coursework. It sounds pretty silly but I was a very poor math student and it always kinda irked me. I remember the moment I decided to switch that part of my brain off and focus on the ARTS. It was definitely the right choice for me as a child, I am interested to see if that choice remains the right one for my adult brain.  

I enrolled in a kids online math program and spend my time in the air completing worksheets. Just this morning I completed an equivalent fractions worksheet and lesson on a flight to Cleveland. On one hand, it feels pretty silly and childish. And on the other, it’s kinda fun and removes a lot of the barriers to learning math that existed when I was in school (e.g., grades, mean teachers, classmates, etc).  

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