Amazon Basics Luggage

Amazon makes fucking everything. The luggage they make is, actually, great.


For the price, it’s the best luggage I’ve had the pleasure of using. Because I’m a pretty avid traveler, I decided to stick with the Away Luggage that I reviewed in my first post because they have a lifetime guarantee and I like that kind of confidence in a company. But for less frequent travelers, I highly suggest the Amazon Basics line of hardside rolling bags.

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This luggage is sturdy, well-built, has a good sense of balance, the wheels roll freely, there is ample space, and yet it’s small enough for every overhead space I’ve seen, they come in beautiful colors so you’ll never have to inspect every black bag that comes down the luggage carousel, and the wheels are sturdy whether on airport linoleum, Roman cobblestone streets, or the sandy beaches of Florida.


If I have to note something less than desirable with this bag, which I do have to, it’s that the handle feels a bit flimsy. When pulling the handle up or pushing it back into storage position, it always feels a little breakable and fragile. This creates about five seconds of struggle each time I mess with the handle – a small price to pay for a bag this inexpensive and functional.


I’ve read some reviews about a wheel falling off here and there – that’s super annoying and I’m very glad it didn’t happen to me. But with Amazon’s generous return policy (especially for Prime members) I don’t anticipate this being a huge deterrent to giving the bag a shot!

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