Away Luggage

This is the first luggage I ever bought and found remarkable enough to write about. It comes in beautiful colors, even the large sizes are sleek, the carry-on sizes are elegant, the built-in battery is especially helpful on the carry-on bag when I’m sitting at the gate playing Words With Friends waiting for yet another unexplained flight delay.


The setup inside the bag is simple but effective. One side zippers off to create a compartment for “hard goods” like shoes, dop kits, a hair dryer, etc. Between the two halfs of the suitcase is a swinging mesh “folder” in which I hold my paper goods – travel documents, magazines, playing cards, journal etc. This swings over the other half of the suitcase and clips in to press down clothes. I can hold about four days worth of clothes in the large carry-on size luggage, all folded into the open half of the suitcase and pressed down with the singing mesh folder.

In a small pocket at the bottom half of the clothing half of the suitcase is a pocket, inside of which is contained a zipper bag. This is meant to hold clothes as they become dirty along the journey. When not in use, this little laundry bag folds down and fits into the pocket. It features a small tag with a snap – when in use, it snaps into the pocket and when filled with clothes, lays flat in the clothing half of the suitcase, only taking up as much space as the clothes took when they were clean. It’s very clever, very useful, and helps me sort out my clothes as I travel without putting the dirty ones back into contact with the clean ones.


The battery pops out in case I want to check my luggage or for when charging it. It takes about one hour to fully charge, and charges my iphone about three times.


I love this luggage. If you’re simply looking to spend about $250 on a nice carry-on bag, look no further. It’s practical, it’s cute, it’s light, everyone constantly asks me about it, and they have a great customer referral program. It even came with a large canvas bag to store it when it’s not in use. And the lock feature built into the piece is nice, if only for peace of mind.

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